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06/01/2015 - Letter Delivered to Court Justices in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts


Between April 7 and 28, letters from Massachusetts Association of Court Interpreters (MACI) were delivered to almost all the judges in the Trial Court.   

Many judges have been asking the interpreters appearing in their courtrooms what has gone wrong with interpreter services (!).  This letter is our answer to that question.  We explain that, in our view, there was a decision made by the Administration to downgrade interpreter services, and that all of the difficulties that interpreters and others have faced over the past year follow from this decision.  The letter goes on to ask the judges for their support and vigilance in preventing the lowering of quality and the reduction of services to LEPs.

It is our hope that all interpreters will show their support for this effort, so that we speak with one voice in pursuit of justice and respect for our profession.  


Please stay tuned for further developments.  

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