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Mass Trial Court Attempts to outsource Interpreting Services
Many interpreters in Massachusetts recently received an email from Daniel Shamebo Sabore of Languages Translation Services in the state of Washington. This email indicated that he held a long-term contract with the state of Massachusetts to supply courts and state agencies with interpreters. It asked for W-9 information and for a signed agreement to work for Massachusetts for a one-hour minimum and no reimbursement for tolls, mileage, parking or travel time. Some interpreters were concerned that this strange communication was either a scam or a sign that OCIS might try to outsource per-diem operations, especially since the email was sent to all active court interpreters.
MACI has called Mr. Sabore and learned the following: his agency put in a bid to supply services to the State and was one of ten new vendors selected. However, he believes that there is little chance of anything coming of this new contract, because the State of Massachusetts is not willing to pay him enough to find interpreters, and is not willing to give interpreters even a two-hour minimum. 
OCIS has always used agency interpreters as a last resort. This email does not appear to signal any important shift in policy. It does reveal a remarkable ignorance (perhaps willful) as to what interpreters are worth and why there must be minimum charges. Please remember that industry minimums protect both you and your fellow interpreters. These are, and must remain: Court: four hours, Depositions: three hours, All other assignments: two hours. Do not agree to work for less. 
The MACI Board of Directors
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